About Brod Solutions

A Leading Digital Agency in Michigan

Take your eCommerce website to the next level

Brod Solutions is an Digital Agency that partners with ambitious companies to create, maintain, and grow their online presence. Our team will strategize, design and develop a professional eCommerce solution for your business.

What We Believe

Core Values

These principles allow us to stay focused on our core beliefs. They are the foundation of our culture and guide our actions.


Approach with curiosity and enthusiam.


Relentless pursuit of solving complex challenges.


No one person is more important than the team.


To do, act and think on what we say.

From Data to Insights to Action

Our Process

We strive to provide the utmost clarity in our communication in order to develop a better understanding of the project at hand. By doing this, we believe we can more accurately do what's best for our clients and their goals.

Discovery Call

Understand the root cause of the problem by sharing your website analytics and order data.

Diagonose Problem

Define the ideal solution and its success criteria in a concise list of action items.

Execute Solution

Our team of solutionists create, build, test, and deploy your custom solution.

Results & Insights

Ensure the solution meets the success criteria by reporting results and generating new insights.

Our Vision

Artfully master the
digital experience.

    Relentless Pursuit of Solutions

    Our Journey

  • 2012

    Pursuing a Passion

    At the beginning it was simple HTML and CSS. Website design consists of couple blocky visuals with a simple contact form.

  • 2014

    Evolving Technology

    Content Management Systems like WordPress and Drupal were the next step. This gave our clients the ability to change a website without code.

  • 2018

    eCommerce Evolution

    A new client help launch us into an unfamiliar territory. Websites that sold products online allowed us to think about how we craft websites that convert visitors to customers.

  • Now

    Handcrafting the Next Web

    After a decade of learning, building and growing we are strong website designers and developers working on cutting-edge busines problems.

Project Block Rate


Our solutionists are ready to solve your one-time website challenges. We provide crystal clear pricing with a fixed price quote for your solution.

Typical projects cost $2k to $25k.

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Project Blocks
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