Careers @BrodSolutions

We are looking for talented individuals to join our team. If you are interested in working with us, please apply to one of the positions below.

Our Standard Payscale

Technology Positions Compensation

Website developers, designers, and marketers are all paid the same compensation scale based on years of expertise.

Position TitleExperience (Years)Hourly RateSalary
Intern Plus0.520$41600
Junior 1125$52000
Junior 2227.5$57200
Mid 3330$62400
Mid 4432.5$67600
Engineer 5535$72800
Engineer 6637.5$78000
Senior 7740$83200
Senior 8842.5$88400

About Brod Solutions Training

Level Up Together

We build skills and talents internally by coming together as one mastermind group. Must attend in-person to bounce ideas around and build on each other's knowledge. Ultimately the goal is to find solutions to technology problems ensuring your expertise is always growing.


Oakland Drive, Kalamazoo, Michigan

Training room location.


Hours per Week

Your job includes eight hours for learning.


Mastermind Group

Collective pursuit of the leveling up our skills.

About Brod Solutions

Strategy + Creativity + Technical Expertise

Unlike teams from big agencies from big cities,
we are personal and hail from Kalamazoo Michigan.
We will treat your website as ours.


Kalamazoo Websites Designed

Created and managed many southwest Michigan websites.


Kalamazoo Business Clients

Currently caring for ten Michigan clients.


eCommerce Agency in Kalamazoo

We are the only eCommerce website design agency in Kalamazoo Michigan.