Stone Coat's Custom Project Builder

We've created a custom experience for online shoppers to build their Countertop Epoxy project by walking through 5 easy steps.


The generic way to shop online was not suited for the nature of this clients products. It was unclear to the online shopper all of the materials needed to pour an epoxy countertop:  bonding primer, colorants, top coat, base coat and epoxy.

The visitor needed a walkthrough guide on which products to buy and an estimated cost of the project.

BigCommerce Custom Project Builder - Brod Solutions


Design & UX


BigCommerce, Javascript


3 weeks

Launched: 15 Feb 2024


The intent is to help customers understand the products needed for the project. The client provided a word document with all requirements to build a countertop, we digested and simplified this into a wireframe with a few steps. Using this wireframe and list of questions, we were able to build out a website landing page with a new user experience.


Visitors now have a place to Start when shopping for countertop epoxy supplies. In this step-wise user interaction, we are teaching visitors about the products and helping them achieve the products needed for thier new project.

The client has seen great responses from its customers about this tool along with less inquiries to customer service.


+40% increase in Add to Carts


Our visitors are finding it easier to create their countertop kits and checkout. ~Adam, Brand Manager

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