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Fast Websites.
Better Experiences.
More Customers.

Why PageSpeed Matters

We optimize the speed of your website to keep visitors engaged resulting in an optimized shopping experience.
Faster Page Load Times

Customers expect a quick and responsive website.

Increase Engagement

60% of visitors will bounce after 4 seconds of load time.

Better Mobile Experiences

60% of all traffic is from mobile devices.

Conversion Optimization

Keeping traffic on your website is key to increasing sales.

Boost Your 4th Quarter Sales

Key Performance Indicators


Speed Index

Time to load a webpage.


Engagement Rate

See how long visitors stay on your website.


Conversion Rate

Expect more sales with a faster website.


Half of all people say they’d be willing to give up animation and video for faster load times.

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Project Block

The first step to a successful project is a fast website.


Faster Site. Better Experience.


Website Load Optimization

Meet Industry Standards

5-Day Turnaround

More Customers Reach Checkout
Stay Longer and Purchase More
Lower Bounce Rates
Performance Starts Here

How We Measure

We use Google's PageSpeed Insights to measure the performance of your website.

Deskop Performace
Mobile Performance
Speed Index

What We Do

  • Conduct a speed audit. Run your pages through Google’s PageSpeed Insights to see how they stack up.
  • Ensure all your media (images, videos, etc.) is optimized for mobile. Use smaller file types, like SVG, whenever possible.
  • Remove unnecessary plugins, add-ons, and scripts. Think hard about what you need to include.
  • Use asynchronous loading for analytics and ads services, so you’re not dependent on their loading times.
  • Enable browser caching. Reduce the chance your visitors will have to re-download a file they already have on their device.
  • Use a Content Delivery Network (CDN) to send files from global servers that are closest to your visitors.
  • Enable gzip compression for your pages. Keep your files as small as possible by shrinking fatter files.
  • Minify your JavaScript and CSS. Remove all unnecessary characters from the code. Keep only the essentials.