About Brod Solutions

A Leading Digital Agency in Michigan

Its Time to Level Up

Brod Solutions is a digital agency that partners with ambitious companies to create, maintain, and grow their online presence. We specialize in web design, web development, and digital marketing services. Our team of experts is dedicated to helping businesses grow and succeed online.

Digital Agency

Years of Experience



The Mission

Connect people and technology to provide amazing service.

~Tanner Brodhagen, Founder

Our Vision

Simplify complex problems into elegant solutions.

What We Believe

Our Core Values

These principles allow us to stay focused on our core beliefs. They are the foundation of our culture and guide our actions.


Enables us to solve problems in new or innovative ways.


Adjust strategy based on the shifting demands of the market.


Partner with each other to achieve lofty goals.

How We Got Here

Our Journey

  • 2012
    Pursuing a Passion

    Tanner Brodhagen began with simple HTML and CSS. My freelance work was changing website design elements, making some blocky visuals and ensuring the contact forms worked and filtered spam. Unknowingly, this was the start of a journey into long frustrating hours figuring it all out on my own.

  • 2014
    WordPress and Drupal

    Content Management Systems like WordPress and Drupal were the quickest step to acheive results without having to Code everything. The backend allowed clients the ability to change their website and we could addon plugins easily (Contact forms). This period was about learning open-source tools and finding solutions in the online communities.

  • 2018
    eCommerce Evolution

    As the search for new solutions and clients, eCommerce with its endless potential and high dollar value was the next step. We learned WooCommerce, BigCommerce and Shopify along side the new technologies of React, Gatsby and Next.js. This period was about learning the new technologies and building a team.

  • 2020
    Handcrafting the Next Web

    After a decade of learning, building and growing we are strong website designers and developers working on cutting-edge busines problems.

  • 2022
    Custom Dashboard Applications

    The increasing need for our clients to process data and automate tasks has led us to build custom dashboard applications with Laravel and NextJS. Figuring out how to use REST APIs with PHP and NodeJS allowed us to quickly migrate large databases, sync inventories and automate order processing. The large development efforts increased our critical problem solving skills.

  • 2024
    Year of the Dragon

    This year about expressing our digital creativity and bringing passionate people together to build a Digital Agency. Tanner Brodhagen is taking a risk to open up his office people that strive to build websites and their own pursuit of something great.