App: Product Information Manager for 15K Products

Using an external distributor product catalog to sync BigCommerce products with the latest data, images, and stock levels.


With the plethra of Kitchen equipment available, this distributor needed to sync an external catalog with thousands of products. Manually importing catalog changes, price updates and inventory is the challenge.


Custom Applications


BigCommerce, PHP


2 Months

Launched: 01 Dec 2020


Collect the data source, a CSV spreadsheet generated daily, and translate each row to a Product or Variation. Mapping the unique data columns to the BigCommerce catalog fields, we focused on 30+ fields within the BigCommerce product.

Other types of information had to be extracted to create Custom Fields, Shipping requirements, and Price Lists per product. Using a server with PHP and MySQL database, our programming is set to sync products nightly.


Thru the process we discovered how to best fit Globe's specific catalog requirements to the BigCommerce product framework. The client has been recieving large catalog updated nightly without direct intervention.


15K+ Products Syncing Nightly


This program has allowed us to source thousands of products and automatically import them into our store. ~Brian

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